How to Clean Your Bathroom

When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom? Cleaning a bathroom is one of the most tedious and difficult household tasks out there. Because of this, a lot of homeowners try to ignore their bathrooms when it comes to cleaning. 

Unfortunately, this should not be the case. Keep in mind that your bathroom is also one of the dirtiest areas of your home. If you choose to ignore it, it will collect germs and bacteria and spread diseases.  

If you want to clean your bathroom but don’t have the time, you can rely on Oakland house cleaners for help. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are some tips: 

How to Prepare for Bathroom Cleaning 

As mentioned earlier, the bathroom is one of the most difficult places in the house to clean. The reason for this is that it has both dry and wet spots. The job can also be extremely disgusting since there will be a lot of excess hair, lotions, and old soaps on the surfaces.  

You need to prepare your bathroom before you start cleaning it. Get rid of all the items from surfaces. Then, roll up your floor coverings, such as mats and rugs. Take your clothing basket to the washing machine if you have one in your bathroom.  

How to Clean the Bathroom Doors and Cabinets  

Compared to other tasks, cleaning the cabinets and doors of your bathroom is a bit less demanding. All you need to do is to get a dry cloth and wipe any dust from the surface. If you notice stains, you should dip the cloth in clean water and try to gently scrub the stain.  

After you’re done cleaning the cabinets, start to arrange items inside them. You can place them together based on their product type. For instance, you should separate all body and hair gels from your medicines and first aid.  

Get rid of any expired medicines and products and throw them away.  

How to Clean the Shower 

The shower is the most difficult part to clean when it comes to bathroom cleaning. Bathroom walls, clogged drains, and limescale are things that aren’t easy to clean. Fortunately, you can make things a lot easier if you apply cleaner beforehand.  

Start by spraying down the tup and walls with a high-quality bathroom cleaner. If you want a DIY eco-friendly solution, you can use hot water and vinegar. Leave the solution on the surface for a couple of minutes.  

While you’re waiting, you can try to unclog your drains. The easiest way to do this is to use a chemical solution. All you need to do is to pour it and leave it for a couple of minutes.  

After several minutes, you can go back to your shower and continue the cleaning process. You can simply rinse off the solution using water. However, if there are stains on the surface, you might need to get a brush and gently scrub it before rinsing the cleaning solution.  

This process can also be applied when cleaning your toilet and sink.  

Vital Safety Features to Incorporate in Your Deck

Security and safety need to be your number priority in your house. You need to properly equip all areas of your house with the correct safety measures. This will help you avoid accidents.  

Since your deck is constructed outside, it is more prone to damage compared to indoor structures. Whenever your deck is exposed to water damage and other dangerous elements, you should consider it unsafe.  

To prevent your deck from deteriorating, you have to properly maintain it. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of vital safety features to incorporate in your upcoming deck building Los Angeles project. 

Ledger Board 

Your deck will require a ledger board. A professional deck contractor will attach this board to your home. The ledge board offers the structural strength that your deck requires to stay strong for many years.  

Unfortunately, parts of the deck will begin to break off as it starts to decay and rot. That is why professionals recommend using pressure-treated wood to prevent this. Materials you need to avoid include concrete, stone, and brick.  

A professional deck contractor should follow special precautions when constructing in places where it regularly snows or rains. The boards need to be straight, smooth, and perfectly aligned before installing them. The deck contractor needs to figure out the correct installation method to use for the form of deck you want.  


Building a deck doesn’t require flashing. However, if you live in a region that experiences a lot of rainy days, you need to think about installing one. This is particularly true if you’re area is prone to flooding.  

The job of the flashing is to protect your deck against water. Water damage can lead to severe problems with your deck. If you install this safety feature, you can also lower the possibility of mold growth.  


Usually, construction companies use redwood or cedar to build a deck. However, modern decks use composite materials. These materials are made of a combination of plastic, wood fiber, and binding agents. Composite materials are becoming more and more popular today.  

If you want to use composite materials, make sure you coat or seal them properly. There are a couple of reasons why you should do this. For instance, it helps improve the longevity of the material. It also helps prevent structural damages.  

The sealant also makes the wood safe for you and your loved ones if you like to walk barefoot on the deck. Sealants can help prevent splinters from the wood.  


If you have an elevated deck, you need to install railings. They are a crucial safety feature. The purpose of the railings is to prevent any person from falling while going up.  

You can skip this safety feature if your deck is low-lying. However, if you construct your deck 30 inches higher than the ground, you need to install railings that are at least 3 feet high. Aside from safety features, railings can also help prevent animals and intruders from easily gaining access to your deck.  

Major Benefits of CBG You Should Know

CBG or cannabigerol offers a lot of medical benefits that most of us aren’t aware of, particularly when you’re trying it for the first time. Similar to any other compound you can see in cannabis, the greatest CBG oil can provide you a shocking list of benefits. And though more research is required to fully understand all the health benefits of CBG, initial researches suggested that it could be a beneficial compound when it comes to treating an extensive range of conditions and illnesses, both psychological and physical. Here are some of the great benefits you get to experience with CBG isolate

Anti-tumor effects 

Given that CBG has great anti-inflammatory properties, it is known to help prevent tumors from progressing, which eventually helps to slow down the severity of different cancers like prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer. Its effect that stimulates appetite can also aid people who undergo chemotherapy since it counteracts the process side effects.  

Neuroprotective effects 

Research about the benefits of CBG also implies that it has great neuroprotective effects. As a cannabis compound, CBG serves as a great antioxidant that offers protection to our nervous system. Given the CBG’s neuroprotective properties, CBG can help preserve neurons as well to avoid more neurodegenerative diseases like Huntington’s disease.  

Appetite stimulant 

Based on professional research, CBG can effectively help to improve someone’s appetite, which can boost almost 2 times of your common food intake. Because of this property, CBG is now known to be one of the great tools that can be utilized for therapies that can possibly aid people who have anorexia and cachexia.  

Anti-inflammatory effects 

CBG is recognized to contain great and effective anti-inflammatory properties, making a beneficial compound to cure individuals with different chronic illnesses. Usually, chronic diseases are linked with conditions that are painful like IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases), colitis, arthritis, and many more.  

Antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties 

There are a lot of studies regarding the benefits of CBG that proven that CBG is a compound that’s rich in antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties, which make it potent and important in combating against MRSA.  

Anti-anxiety and anti-depressant 

Studies show that CBG also has properties that can aid in providing relief for individuals who are dealing with symptoms of depression. It’s recognized to help boost the anandamide’s natural level in our brain, which is also known as the “bliss molecule.” Because of this, it is believed that CBG can offer anxiety and depressive relief.  

Relieves pain 

So far, pain relief properties are among the great benefits of CBG oil, which is really factual for all cannabinoids like THC and CBD based on researches and studies. However, based on other researches, CBG might get stronger pain relief impacts compared to THC.  

Even if CBG may not be the greatest and common variant out of all cannabinoids available in the market today, research shows that a lot of the benefits of CBG can possibly help in giving relief to people who have different illnesses and conditions. 

Things to Know About Termite Damage

Termites might be a concern across the United States. However, a couple of areas have higher chances of experiencing this problem. This is particularly true in humid and hot areas since termites are active and comfortable all year long. If you do not want to end up with a termite infestation, it is ideal that you know several things about them.  

The biggest issue with termites is that they can infest your house without being noticed. Reproductive termites are the only ones that come out in the open, but, they only come out during a swam in spring. Else, you can go for years with termites inside your property and you won’t know anything about it.  

If you want to know when to call a termite control Memphis professional, here are several things you should know about them: 

Getting Rid of a Termite Infestation 

They aren’t going to leave on their own if termites have already invaded your business or house. they will instead settle in and keep on damaging the structure until it is an unsafe area to live in. you have to take action right away if you’ve got an active termite infestation. A professional pest control company can help. 

Termite Damage 

As they create tunnels and collect food for the colony, they do damage to your property. Usually, this is done by the worker termites. The colony grows bigger over time. The number of worker termites rises into millions if the infestation is already severe. It is simple to know how they’ll cause extensive damage with this many termites continuously chewing through the wood making up your business or house.  

When searching for termite damage, it is extremely useful to understand how subtle the indications can be. Most of the damages will be hidden. However, there are a couple of them that can be visible to the naked eye. 

  • You will start to see it in more clear ways if the termites have caused serious damage to your property. Floors will start to buckle. Walls will start to bulge. The wallpaper will start to bubble. Ceilings will start to sag.  
  • It might be an indication of termite damage if your doors and windows are hard to close or open. That is why you should also check on them as well. 
  • If the damage is serious enough, a beam might sound hollow. That is why you should try to knock on them if you suspect you have a termite infestation in your property.  
  • You can also examine wooden structures inside your property in the hard-to-reach areas. This includes attic and crawl spaces. Search for small holes in the wood. You can also examine for frass. It is a substance that looks like sawdust. This is an obvious indication of a termite infestation. 
  • You can start your examination on areas where wooden structures meet the ground. Dig down in the wood and search for grooves. If you see a couple of grooves, it can be an indication of a termite infestation in your property. 

Ways to Ready Your Vehicle for Long-Distance Towing

In this article, we will discuss a thorough analysis of all the things you have to do to make sure that your vehicle is ready for a tough, long drive on a tow truck. Read more about this below: 

Take out accessories 

If ever you’ve had your car customized, it’s best if you remove them. Check which tailored part of your vehicle is prone to risk on its long road trip. Moreover, don’t forget to take out all the body parts and the accessories that you think will be affected during the towing process.? 

Inflate the tires 

When you send your vehicle on a long-distance towing trip, see to it that you fill the air to the tires as this will make it simpler for the towing experts to unload and load the vehicle onto the tow trucks. Apart from that, having inflated tires can help a car endure a long bumpy ride. Plus, inflated tires will not transfer the shocks to the car’s internal parts. Overall, inflating the tires of your vehicle offers a lot of perks, and it plays a particular role throughout a long road trip. 

Repair fluid leaks 

Car fluids like coolant, engine oil, or gas leak can result in extreme issues for the tow truck operators and other motorists. It’s vital to fix any car fluid leaks if there are any. For instance, leaking engine oil can result in slipperiness on the road, which can be hazardous for some vehicles on the road. Though a fuel leak can be more dangerous for your vehicle, tow truck, and other vehicles on the road, it may result in a fire as well.? 

Wash the car 

Washing the car might appear to be an unnecessary chore. But this is actually helpful over time. Your vehicle can and will accumulate dust and dirt particles during the long-distance towing and can conceal a ding or a dent. You have to determine all of the dings and dents before you send off your car as well. Once you get your vehicle back, try to see whether any damage was done while your car was towed. Either way, washing your vehicle makes it simpler for you to determine any difference—if there’s any.? 

Disable car alarm 

Though alarms are very helpful in terms of protecting your vehicle, make sure to disable them before you hand over your vehicle to your chosen?towing services Joondalup. This tip could be important since the roads can be rough and bumpy most of the time, making the alarm go off. This can cause a stressful situation and create a panic for the tow truck operator. Apart from that, the car alarm can be a distraction to other motorists, causing more discomfort and problems. So, disabling the alarm beforehand is a must.? 

Lock your car properly 

If your cars are not locked properly and left unchecked, doors can cause damage or accidents to other vehicles as well. Hence, it’s a must to lock every door of your car correctly before sending it on a long trip.?