Vital Safety Features to Incorporate in Your Deck

Security and safety need to be your number priority in your house. You need to properly equip all areas of your house with the correct safety measures. This will help you avoid accidents.  

Since your deck is constructed outside, it is more prone to damage compared to indoor structures. Whenever your deck is exposed to water damage and other dangerous elements, you should consider it unsafe.  

To prevent your deck from deteriorating, you have to properly maintain it. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of vital safety features to incorporate in your upcoming deck building Los Angeles project. 

Ledger Board 

Your deck will require a ledger board. A professional deck contractor will attach this board to your home. The ledge board offers the structural strength that your deck requires to stay strong for many years.  

Unfortunately, parts of the deck will begin to break off as it starts to decay and rot. That is why professionals recommend using pressure-treated wood to prevent this. Materials you need to avoid include concrete, stone, and brick.  

A professional deck contractor should follow special precautions when constructing in places where it regularly snows or rains. The boards need to be straight, smooth, and perfectly aligned before installing them. The deck contractor needs to figure out the correct installation method to use for the form of deck you want.  


Building a deck doesn’t require flashing. However, if you live in a region that experiences a lot of rainy days, you need to think about installing one. This is particularly true if you’re area is prone to flooding.  

The job of the flashing is to protect your deck against water. Water damage can lead to severe problems with your deck. If you install this safety feature, you can also lower the possibility of mold growth.  


Usually, construction companies use redwood or cedar to build a deck. However, modern decks use composite materials. These materials are made of a combination of plastic, wood fiber, and binding agents. Composite materials are becoming more and more popular today.  

If you want to use composite materials, make sure you coat or seal them properly. There are a couple of reasons why you should do this. For instance, it helps improve the longevity of the material. It also helps prevent structural damages.  

The sealant also makes the wood safe for you and your loved ones if you like to walk barefoot on the deck. Sealants can help prevent splinters from the wood.  


If you have an elevated deck, you need to install railings. They are a crucial safety feature. The purpose of the railings is to prevent any person from falling while going up.  

You can skip this safety feature if your deck is low-lying. However, if you construct your deck 30 inches higher than the ground, you need to install railings that are at least 3 feet high. Aside from safety features, railings can also help prevent animals and intruders from easily gaining access to your deck.